Our team currently consists of 15 Sports Coaches, one Lead Administrator (Sharon Corfield) and a Director (Elliot Bee). Together we join in the purpose to help provide sporting opportunities everyday of the week for those aged 4 - 11 years of age. Here is a little bit of information about our team and some of their best sporting moments.

Elliot Bee

Position:  Director

Favourite Sports:  Rugby and Golf

Best Sporting Moment: playing against England Under 19's for Worcester Warriors Academy

Sharon Corfield

Position:  Lead Administrator

Favourite Sports:  Tennis, Swimming and Show Jumping

Best Sporting Moment: being selected to play county tennis and serving a cup of tea to Jonah Lomu!

Matthew Cotton

Position: Sports Coach

School: Ashperton Primary Academy

Favourite SportsFootball and Cricket

Best Sporting Momentgetting three wickets in the last over which not only won the game, but won the team promotion as well.

Davina Featherstone

Position: Sports Coach

Schools:  St. Francis Xavier's RC Primary and Our Lady's RC Primary

Favourite Sports: Football, Cricket, Tennis and Badminton

Best Sporting Moment: being the first Lady to play for Brondesbury Cricket Club

Patrysha Charytanowicz

Position: Sports Coach

School: St. Francis Xavier's RC Primary

Favourite Sports: Football, Athletics and Golf

Best Sporting Moment: getting a top three in regionals running for 1500 meters, and getting on a scholarship programme for Football in the United States of America.

Peter Pearce

Position: Sports Coach

School: Peterchurch Primary

Favourite Sports: Basketball

Best Sporting Moment: with my college team beating the toughest opponent in the league to win our regional cup and progress to national quarter finals

Max Rowley

Position: Sports Coach

Schools: Our Lady's RC Primary, Burghill Community Academy and Ashperton Primary Academy

Favourite Sports: Rugby, Cricket and Handball

Best Sporting Moment: Captaining the men's University team to runners up in the BUCS Championship.

George Andrews

Position: Sports Coach

Schools: Mordiford Primary Academy

Favourite Sport: Football

Best Sporting Moment:  First senior goal for Pegasus Men's 1st XI

William Tanton

Position: Sports Coach

School: Mordiford Primary Academy

Favourite Sports: Snowboarding, Cricket and Football

Best Sporting Moment: five wicket hall in a county match for Herefordshire


Joel Graham

Position: Sports Coach

Schools: Burghill Community Academy

Favourite Sports: Football

Best Sporting Moment:  Winning the Herefordshire football league when I was younger

Nicola Tyler

Position: Sports Coach

Schools: Burghill Community Academy

Favourite Sport: Athletics

Best Sporting Moment: I ran for English schools achieving gold silver and bronze over 3 years.  Won the winter Xcountry league, muddy woody.  I have raced inter-county, midlands, nationals as a senior and hope to race in the masters.

Kyle Eaton

Position: Sports Coach

School: Ashperton Primary Academy, Peterchurch Primary and Our Lady's Primary

Favourite Sports: Football, Basketball and Rounders

Best Sporting Moment:  coaching Hereford Under 13's to the Junior Premier League National cup final 2018