February 21, 2017

Down Payment Scheme

Our Down Payment Scheme is another hassle free, efficient option for you to book & pay for Team Bees' services.


If you wish to try this method simply email admin.teambees@icloud.com and request to be added to our Down Payment Scheme.  Following this we will provide you with our bank details to set up a BACs transfer of which ever amount you choose from the list below. 


When booking all you need to do to book is email: admin.teambees@icloud.com (before the day you wish to book) with your child's Name, School, Session and any contact/collector updates, and we can do the rest!  From here our administration will manage your account and keep you informed on what funds you have left!

Payment of £25.00
We offer this as a minimum amount for our Down Payment scheme. This does not allow for a free session, but as long as it is credited to Team Bees prior to your first session we can deduct session by session and manage your account for you!
Payment of £50.00
This Down Payment allows for 1 free before or after-school club session! If you opt for this amount then you are able to allocate a free session within the half-term you are booking for. Just be sure to make the payment prior to your first session and you will receive your free session!
Payment of £100.00 and over
This payment amount allows for two free sessions! On receipt of this payment, prior to your first booked session, you can use your reward of two free sessions within the term in which you are booking!